Assign Teams Phone number to users with Lifecycle Workflows in Entra ID Governance

When new employees are about to start in a company, one of the tasks that needs to be done before the employees have its first day is to assign a phone number to them, so they are able to make and receive phone call in their everyday work. If you are using Microsoft Teams in … Read more

Using API-driven user provisioning with an Azure SQL database as a source of truth

Automating API-Driven User Provisioning with an Azure SQL Database. This post guides you through setting up an Azure SQL database and, integrating it with your HR system’s API, and then automating user creation and updates in Active Directory using API-driven provisioning to on-premises Active Directory

Using Azure Service principal to run PowerShell script on Azure SQL server (Managed instance)

Azure service principals (or App regs.) is nice secure way to connect to fx. a Azure SQL manage instance and then perform querys using PowerShell. This is an ideal alternativ to using a local Service Account. The upside to this is that you can authenticate with a secret or with a certificate that you create for yourself or the machine you are running your script(s) from.

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Assign Azure SQL database permissions to AAD group

When you create an Azure SQL database (DB) right of the bat, you will be faced with the need to assign permission in the database to users or security groups. Normally on an on-premises SQL DB it’s no problem and can be done using the GUI in SSMS. But for an Azure SQL DB, there is no GUI to assign permissions, you will need to use SQL queries to assign permissions to users or groups. Let me show you how to assign SQL DB permissions to a AAD security group.

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