Create a user mailbox using Lifecycle Workflows in Microsoft Entra ID Governance

When I started using Microsoft Entra ID Governance Lifecycle workflows to handle Joiners in my company, the first task I wanted to accomplish using the Lifecycle workflows was the creating of a new employee’s mailbox in a hybrid environment. Creating of user mailboxes is not an out-of-of-the-box task in Lifecycle Workflows, but it can be … Read more

Monitor Lifecycle Workflows status in Entra ID Governance

A few days ago, I was doing some maintenance on my company’s Lifecycle Workflows and discovered that one of the Lifecycle workflows had the same failed task every time the Lifecycle workflow had run. The task is a Custom Extension task (PowerShell based). This got me thinking about how I could get a notification when … Read more

Create onboarding Lifecycle Workflows using Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Onboarding of users is something that should not be taken lightly as it’s a first impressions matter as lot and it says a great deal about an IT department for new users when the start that they have everything need to get started for the job they were hired to do. There are of course … Read more