Hello, my name is Christian Frohn. I am a Cloud Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Professional with several certifications, including Security Administrator Associate, Azure Administrator Associate, Identity and Access Administrator Associate.

With my strong background in Information Technology, I have gained extensive experience in IT security, PowerShell scripting and automation, and Microsoft technologies. My goal is to assist my organization to protect their identities and enhance their IT operations with efficient and creative solutions.

I specialize in identity and access management and PowerShell scripting and automation, and I share my knowledge and expertise through this blog. I write about various topics related to Microsoft technologies. I also enjoy learning new skills and staying updated on the latest trends and developments in the IT industry.

This blog has been started for the purpose of sharing real world scenarios and cases based on the work that I do. This blog also serves as form of ‘personal’ notebook and how to guides.

The personal side of me is that I live with my lovely girlfriend and our dogs Chili and Maude. When I’m not writing a blog post or walking Chili and Throwing the ball with her (that’s she loves more than me) then you can find me at the golf course.

All blog postings are provided “AS IS” with no warranties and is not supported by the author.